Intranasal Naloxone

Access to naloxone is a priority for reducing opioid deaths. Intranasal Naloxone aimed at assisting in acute emergency situations like opioid overdose. 

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Medical need

During 2022 over 100000 opioid related death occurred in the US

Regulatory requirements

Bioequivalence study –”equal or better”

Nasus pharma presented clinical results at Fourth Annual
ASPN Conference, July 14-17, Miami Beach

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Nasus Pharma announces publication of its pivotal study comparing its FMXIN001 powder nasal Naloxone to Narcan® – READ MORE

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nasusphrma taffix
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Pilot Study

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nasusphrma taffix

The peak systemic exposure was approximately

1.6 fold higher

The partial AUC0-4 minutes was approximately​

7 fold higher

The partial AUC0-10 minutes was approximate

4 fold higher 

The partial AUC10-30 minutes was approximate

1.6 fold higher

The total systemic exposure was approximate

1.26 fold higher

The median Tmax occurred approximately

5 minutes earlier

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