Nasus Pharma

New frontier in Intranasal drugs delivery

nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix

Who we are?

Nasus pharma develops powder-based Intranasal specialized product portfolio, to address acute medical conditions and public health threats.

What we do?

Based on our unique microsphere technology we are developing a number of intranasal powder products aimed at assisting patients in several acute emergency situations.

Nasus powder technology was tested in clinical studies and proved to be superior to a similar solution based drug:

7 times higher absorption in the first 4 minutes

4 times higher absorption in the first 10 minutes


Why Intranasl?

The need : Deliver drugs simply, quickly & efficiently to the blood or brain in emergency situations. The significant unmet need: Immediate response and rapid effect for acute medical event

Intranasal administration is most suitable for those situations in which rapid drug delivery is required and offers multiple advantages:

Fast delivery of drugs to the blood stream

Ease and convenience of non-invasive manipulation

Direct “nose to brain”- bypass blood brain barrier

Safe to use

These advantages have the potential to save lives!