Nasal protection against airborn viruses

nasusphrma taffix

Taffix® is legally marketed in Europe (CE- DE/CA09/0760/N18/001) with the following Indication for use:
Taffix® is indicated for use as a protective mechanical barrier against viruses within the nasal cavity.
Taffix® is approved in Israel (Amar: 33010001) with the following Indication for use:
Taffix® is intended for use to block inhaled viruses and bacteria within the nasal cavity.


Taffix should be used in addition to wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing, washing your hands regularly and complying with government restrictions.

While the pandemic brought the economy to standstill world-wide, protection of the civil population is critical to overcoming the infection.

The next phase – “Back to Normality” is the primary objective of governments and public health focused organizations.

Preventing a “next wave” while returning gradually to normality will necessitate strict preventive measures.

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What is Taffix?

Taffix is an innovative personal powder nasal spray which is used to block viruses within
the nasal cavity, viruses that could penetrate the respiratory system and cause infection.

nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix

Hostile micro-environment in the nose

The nose is the primary route of infection

Nasal cells are one of the major sources of virus
infection through the epithelial cells of the cilia and
They are richer than any other tissue in the body with
receptors to which the virus binds (ACE).
A major symptom of COVID–19 is loss of sense of smell.
– Nature Medicine, volume 26, pages 681–687(2020)

nasusphrma taffix

Hou et al., 2020, Cell 182, 429–446 July 23, 2020 ª 2020 Elsevier Inc. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2020.05.042

nasusphrma taffix

Respiratory viruses are sensitive to
acidity and low pH

Corona viruses and other viruses flourish at neutral
pH and are killed when pH is low.
Low pH strengthens epithelial barrier in the nose
and creates a hostile environment for viruses.
– Adapted from: CAN. J. Microbiol. Vol. 35, 1989

HPMC block viruses extracellularly through local effect in the nose

HPMC – a well-known and safe pharmaceutical
excipient is known to create a thin gel over mucosal
surfaces, and is used in artificial tears (Systain®) as
gel forming protection and as nasal powder against
allergic rhinitis.
Nasus unique technology creates uniform small
microspheres that create an even thin gel over the
nasal mucosa.

nasusphrma taffix

Nasus Pharma HPMC powder Homogenous microspheres

How does Taffix work?

Taffix is an innovative personal
powder nasal spray that upon
reaching the nasal mucosa creates
an active HPMC gel layer.

Taffix creates a low pH level in the
nasal cavity where
viruses can do longer exist.

The mechanical protection of the acidic gel prevents many viruses from
entering the nasal cells and reducing the risk of infection.

When to use Taffix?

To protect against airborne viruses Taffix should be
used prior to exposure to a high risk environment
where viruses may be airborne, For example:
Public place – Supermarkets, pharmacies, school,
sport club, flight, trains, and shopping centers
Work place – Offices, Hospitals, Manufacturers,
Service offices
Encounters – Social interactions, Family events,
prayer houses
Taffix may be applied up to 3 times over the course
of the day.

nasusphrma taffix

Real Life Survey

Efficacy of Taffix

*2 weeks later – Taffix reduces SARS-CoV-2 infection

nasusphrma taffix

The fact that Taffix was able to significantly reduce infection rate in users of the product is very encouraging. It may offer an additional layer of protection to people who encounter events that pose high risk of infection. The data contributes to our knowledge of the effect on population protection. Additional controlled clinical studies will be needed to deepen our understanding of the specific efficacy in different circumstances”

Prof Y. Naparstek, from the Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem Israel and  the Scientific Director of Meuhedet HMO Research Institute In Israel

Taffix Laboratory studies

Taffix completely blocks SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 disease) virus cells infection

Healthy cells

nasusphrma taffix



nasusphrma taffix

Cells death after infection by COVID-19 virus

COVID - 19 + Taffix

nasusphrma taffix

Solution recovered and no virus was detected

Based on this assay, about 4000 virus was recovered from the untreated well, whereas no virus was detected on the gel-treated.

Ten (10) ul of SARS-CoV-2, Hong Kong/VM20, at a clinical disease state concentration of 10^6,  was inoculated on to untreated and Taffix gel-treated filters. Taffix amount was parallel to a clinical dose of 1 puff. The eluting virus solution was tested for RNA level by PCR and for virus infectivity by plaque assay on live cells. The study was performed by Dr. Barbara Mann, Associate Professor, Medicine: Infectious Diseases and International Health, University of Virginia, USA

nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix

The gel layer produced by Taffix™️ powder after administration of a clinical equivalent amount, effectively blocked SARS-CoV-2 virus, as demonstrated by reduction in virus RNA equivalent to 4 log reduction in virus count. Taffix™️ also protected above 99% of cells from infection by live SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Taffix proven highly effective against H1N1 influenza viruses

Taffix™ reduced cell death caused by H1N1 influenza virus by 90%

nasusphrma taffix

MDCK cells were treated with H1N1 influenza virus and their viability was tested. Viruses were pretreated by Taffix™ or saline for 5 minutes or 30 minutes prior to infection. The results show the highly protective effect (90%) of  Taffix™ in maintaining cell viability.

Taffix proven highly effective against lentivirus viruses

Taffix protects cells from lentivirus infection by 97%

In another study, the efficacy of Taffix ™ was tested
in preventing viral invasion into HEK293T cells.
In this study, GFP lentivirus was used based on its
ability to insert a GFP fluorescent gene into infected
cells thus enabling the identification of virus-infected cells.

nasusphrma taffix

Fluorescence measurement in cells treated with test solutions.
GFP lentivirus was used based on its ability to insert a GFP
fluorescent gene into infected cells thus enabling the
identification of virus-infected cells.

Cell without protection
nasusphrma taffix

Fluorescence spots = virus infection in cells, as seen under microscope

Cell protected with Taffix
nasusphrma taffix
Almost no Fluorescence is seen = no virus reached the cells

Taffix Technology Advantages

nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix
nasusphrma taffix

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